Youtube is going to completely erase revenue for creators that upload controversial videos to the platform. Target for Youtube are “controversial religious or supremacist” videos – means conservative. The Video then will be put in a “limited state” Those clips are going to be harder to reach.

The Problem with this? Those videos are NOT violating Youtube’s terms of service and should therefore be advertisavbe.

The videos won’t be able to receive comments or likes and won’t be featured in the suggested videos register. Infact the channel of popular collage professor Jordan B. Peterson was removed due to “controversy” but got restored after a day.

Why is this happening? A lot of companies have been pulling their advertisements from the site because the vdeos are too “controversial”. 

Now what’s my take on this? No matter what side you are on you should be able to express your freedom of speech. The first amendment is essential to prevent us from being a dictatorship. Youtube on the other hand is a company and thus, they want to make money. Surely they would shut down controversial videos.

Capitalism has been working for years and years to come so in the end was this a good decision? Maybe. Maybe not. If another platform comes up that allows users to express themselves better – it would be a suicide from Youtube itself.

Free speech matters.


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