The Bucks County man who raped and sexually assaulted 6 sisters from the Stoltzfus Family over the course of over 8 years, Lee Kaplan, will be sentenced on September 20 at Bucks County Courthouse. The children (ages from 7 to 11 years) were ‘gifted’ to him by the parents. Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus hoped for spiritual assistance and guidance as an exchange. Both of them face up to 7 years in jail.


Daniel Stoltzfus left, Lee Kaplan right

The New York Times states: “The judge said he would have given them longer prison sentences if he were legally allowed.” Judge Jeffrey L. Finley did the right Thing and sentened them to a maximum allowed by the law. But come on – 7 years max? He called the act “just incomprehensible” and said the parents exposed them to “unimaginable trauma.”

According to authorities the man said, Lee D. Kaplan, 52, was a cultlike figure who brainwashed the family and made them think “child rape was the norm.”


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