Only two days ago President Trump met with polish President Andrzej Sebastian Duda. When Trump reached out for a handshake with Duda’s wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda – the lady was leaning in for a handshake with First Lady Melania Trump.

At this point – fake news coverage started spreading like a disease. Fake news outlets aswell as fraud news outlets have been deseptively cutting the footage of the happening in order to make Trump look stupid.

They only forgot one thing – people are smarter. Only a couple of seconds later Kornhauser-Duda went in for a handshake with President Trump. Yet no left leaning “news” organisation is even mentioning this. They ignore the fact that what they show is incorrect. They know.

The best part about this story has to be the response from the polish President. This is what he tweeted afterwards:


This is called class.

If you want to know the truth I think this coverage is inappropriate and disgusting. The left deliberately wants to portray the President of their own counrty as a fool. Fake news hit yet another bottom floor. This one is hard to break though.


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