Laci Green is a 27 year old liberal youtuber. Talking about sex, personality, feminism and other topics shined a light on her channel. Recently Laci’s attention was caught by the fact that the left tends to block out anything they don’t like. She made a video referring to this issue called “TAKING THE RED PILL?”. She explains her ambitions towards looking into the other direction and taking ways of thinking she hasn’t taken before. New contacts have risen. She has been active on communicating with right wing communities in order to expand her horizon of thinking. She bit right into that damn red pill. Since the video, Laci started dating anti SJW youtuber Chris Ray Gun.

What can you imagine? Snowflakes on twitter have this list called “Block Bot”. When you activate this bot – you automatically block everyone on this list. This list includes people like President Trump, Youtuber Killer Keemstar, Paul Joseph Watson and Milo Yiannopoulos.

This enables to create a massive bubble of a narrative that is absolutely insane.  Every single person that activates this bot can not handle the internet and is opposing the 1st amendment. Three levels divide the users into:

Level 3) Least hostile. | People who are a lower threat to “triggering” Snowflakes.

Level 2) Partially abusive | Users who are “bad” but who haven’t been shifting the levers too hard.

Level 1) “Unpleasant” | If you reach this level – Boy you pissed off a lot of leftists. Congratulations! (Laci got into this category for listening to the right and questioning leftist ideologies. Yeah – that’s it.)

This leveling system contributes to you being saved by comments like “There are only two genders” or “Man up!” – wich are considered inappropriate in today’s world. A world where you wrap yourself up in pink cotton candy in order to survive those mean comments. Deplorable.


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