Central Park: The annual Shakespeare in the park series took a revolting turn when the leading character Julius Caesar was replaced by Donald Trump. Last week the plot revolved around Trump being viciously murdered and stabbed to death.

This liberal fantasy was reflected by CNN´s Fareed Zakaria when he titled the act  “A masterpiece”. Remember – this is the same guy who was convinced Trump was going to be defeated by Hillary. The last CNN representative who endorsed Trumps assassination, Kathy Griffin did apologize and confessed to her being wrong.

Delta Airlines, American Express, Bank of America and many others have pulled their sponsorships of the Public Theater. CNN´s parent company Time Warner are committed to the sponsorship, wich brings a massive flag of hate. When Breitbart requested a comment, Time Warner abandoned their statement.

Since the vast majority of people despised the act – the Public Theater has been hit with negative comments filled with disgust and antagonism.

If this had happened to any other President – the people would have been horrified.

watch the video here


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